ESCAN USA CORP will conduct business as a trucking services provider and will adopt the business model of its affiliate sister company, ESCAN SOLUÇÕES PARA CONSTRUÇÃO LTDA., located in Brazil. In the beginning, the Company will conduct business while receiving consulting, organizational, and financial support from the affiliate sister company.

ESCAN USA CORP will specialize in providing Truckload and Less-Than-Truckload for the inter-municipal and inter-state transportation of cargo. The Company’s trucks will be capable of transporting a wide range of cargo materials as their carrying capacity will range between 20 and 53 tons, depending on cargo characteristics such as shape and size.

ESCAN USA CORP will initially target businesses and individuals located in the state of Florida. As ESCAN USA CORP establishes successful operations, it will expand its targeting efforts by targeting specific cities and regions within the U.S. where the marketplaces for Truckload and Less-Than-Truckload services are well established and concentrate high revenues. The Company will mainly focus on businesses operating within the construction and transportation industry sectors.

ESCAN USA CORP’s trucking services will be marketed through a variety of efforts including online marketplace cross referencing, direct mail, the Company’s website, and social media. Furthermore, ESCAN USA CORP will use the affiliate sister company’s extensive network of business connections to present its trucking services to various businesses operating in the U.S. market.

ESCAN USA CORP already purchased two trucks to start its operations. Furthermore, ESCAN USA CORP plans to increase its fleet by purchasing two trucks in Year 2, one truck in Year 3, one truck in Year 4, and one truck in Year 5. With these purchases, the Company will increase its operational fleet to eight trucks by Year 5.

ESCAN USA CORP will conduct business in accordance with the highest services quality standards, which will be adopted from the affiliate sister company’s business model.

The outstanding professional experience of Mr. Marcus Vinicius Lara will be one of the many advantages of ESCAN USA CORP.