Escan USA Corp is a trucking company based in south Florida, founded in 2016.


What We Provide

High quality

ESCAN USA CORP will initiate its business with a smaller fleet of trucks and will eventually expand its trucking services display to eight trucks by Year 5. The smaller fleet will enable the Company to maintain the highest quality of trucks by performing frequent technical check-ups and ensuring the Company’s compliance with the highest transportation regulatory standards in the U.S. As a result, ESCAN USA CORP’s trucks will be exceptionally maintained and will satisfy the customers’ services expectations, which will further improve the Company’s outlook for developing a returning customers’ base.

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Professional Expertise

ESCAN USA CORP’s key management’s professional expertise will serve as an additional advantage when differentiating its business from competitors operating in the U.S. 

Working Coffee


Escan has as its main goals to serve both local and  national markets within the trucking industry. Escan aims to provide logistic services after the fith year of operations. Escan aims that by the end of the third year of operation, there will be zero late deliveries.




Here at Escan we acknowledge that our drivers are the core of the company and nothing will ever be more important, we are a very driver-centric company that belives that teamwork is the only thing that makes the dream work.




Escan's fleet consists of new and well maintained trucks. With Escan you will be able to sleep knowing that your shipment will arrive on time and with no service delays.


8865 Commodity Cirle, Unit 11, Suite 101

Orlando-FL, 32819

+1 (786) 8162876

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